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Pek’s Photo Presets


Reshade presets made for photos that makes use of various filters for better graphics and effects.
Not exactly made for gameplay purposes, but if you have powerful PC you can always try.

To install Move or copy “Pek_GPBIKES_PHOTO_1.1” and “Pek_GPBIKES_PHOTO_1.2” into GP Bikes install directory


Use Reshade version 4.9.1

Few notes and tips:

– Make a renamed duplicate of the presets so you can easily make changes, make comparisions and have quick backup if you screw up values. Everything is adjustable for your liking, but remember all changes are saved automatically!

– For some reason Depthhaze effect is always duplicated so disable the second one (at least for me this happens). You may want to adjust DepthazeEffectStrength” depending on the picture you’re taking

– Preset comes with previous DirectionalDepthBlur values used and it’s up to you to adjust it or disable.

– Adjust DirectionalDepthBlur “Focus plane”, “Focus range” and “Focus plane max range” for each photo!

– When positioning camera angle disable DirectionalDepthBlur first. After you decide the placement, then enable it and adjust per photo.

– Find good speed blur angle by increasing the blur length first, then adjust angle. Decrease length to what works best after.
(I used low length values around: 0.001-0.0006)

– If you take photo from straight ahead or behind of the bike you may want to change the blur type under DirectionalDepthBlur from “parallel strokes” to “focus point targetting strokes” and adjust blur focus point

– If you want to use these for gameplay, I strongly recommend disabling DirectionalDepthBlur and decreasing or disabling Depthhaze “EffectStrength” and “LightDOF_Far”

Update 25.05.2022 added a new preset. Differences in this version 1.2 are:

– Added slightly more filmic tonemapper: prod_80_03_Filmictonemap (Disabling this will return V1.1 tonemap)

– Added LightDOF_Far that can help you mask background. Easy to adjust with “Bokeh Width” and “DoF Amount” sliders

– Adjusted default Depthhaze value

– Added Filmic Sharpen with low default value.

– Adjusted default DirectionalDepthBlur values, maybe helps understanding how blur adjusted by comparing V1.1 and V1.2 versions

Added readme file with same tips and notes

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