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Resolute GPB Server Manager v1.0.2


Welcome to the Resolute GPB Server Manager!

I’ve ported my very popular MXB Server Manager software for use with GPB.  This software makes it easier to set-up and run dedicated servers.  It includes an easy-to-use UI to set all of the configurations needed for running and managing your servers.

Standard Features:

  • Configure one (1) GPB dedicated server.
  • Start, restart, and stop the dedicated server.
  • Auto-restart server on crash.
  • Configurations are saved in application.
  • Multiple languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese).

PRO License Features:

  • Configure and run multiple GPB Dedicated Servers
  • Copy & paste existing server configuration to a new server
  • Export server configuration to file
  • Modify and set your own Message of the Day (MOTD).
  • Administer dedicated servers running on remote machines without logging into the machine (i.e. cloud hosted VMs)
  • Run in “Client” only mode to administer remote servers
  • Import players lists
  • Remote Admin commands
  • Copy player GUID to clipboard
  • Validate player GUIDs
  • Live Timing Window
  • Auto-restart, rotate tracks, and auto-chat messages
  • More features to come!

I charge a nominal one-time fee for the PRO license.  This fee helps cover my cost of software that I had to purchase myself for the creation of this application and the hundreds of hours I’ve spent on the advanced features.  If you only need to run one server without advanced options, then there is no need to purchase a PRO license.  If you enjoy the application and it works for you the purchase of a PRO license lets me know that and motivates me to continue adding new features.

Resolute GPB Server Manager

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