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August 18, 2023

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ADR Motor Speedway v1.0


ADR Motor Speedway is a fictional race track. It’s a short, flowing and fast track, hence the name Speedway. It has 10 corners. The circuit has two layouts, main layout with the length of 3,535 KM and chicane layout with the length of 3,552 KM.

The track was designed by a Reddit user Cyclone1001 in /r/RaceTrackDesigns.

It’s the first scratch-made track that I’ve made and released. ADR Speedway is the first part of ADR Trinity Track Project, that’s planned to have additional 2 more tracks. This track was started way back in late 2021. A lot of things including the techniques in modelling have gone through major changes since then, as I was learning by doing. Some additional 3D objects (such as cars, helicopter, tribunes) are taken from various games (credits below). There may or may not be updates in the future, as it’s pretty much 100%, so changing major things, like surface, would affect other things, also the second track of ADR Trinity Track is already in progress, and I’d like to give 100% to the future projects.


  • Cyclone1001 as track designer
  • /r/RaceTrackDesigns
  • Kunos Simulazioni – Assetto Corsa, for miscellaneous objects
  • Milestone – MotoGP games series, RIDE game series, for miscellaneous objects


If you want to support my work, you can visit

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