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August 18, 2023

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More profile customization options might come very soon. We hope you enjoy those little features!

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Atlanta Motorsports Park v0.7


Nestled in the hills of the north Georgia mountains, off of a small back country road, there lies a small little unassuming race track. This is that track, Atlanta Motorsports Park. Designed by the legendary F1 track builder Herman Tilke, this race track comes in at 1.9 miles in length with 16 turns. This track is not for the faint of heart. Its very tight and narrow at points, and is not very wide either. It was designed to have as many blind corners as possible, and this can really be felt in this mod. This is a representation of the track as it was back in 2014.

This track is a first releast and has taken over a week of work to get working and properly tested. As it is right now this is a “will suffice for testing purposes” track. This is not the final version as there are many issues that im seeing with this track. More updates will come out for this track in time.

Known issues:

  • Track surface is EXTREMELY bumpy
  • The seams on the track will cause you to tuck the front regularly
  • Glitchy textures
  • Horribly bumpy track
  • Removed seams to smooth out the track further
  • Missing textures
  • Timing
  • Speed trap
  • Glitchy textures

If you see any more issues with the track please reach out to me on discord, or down in the comments below.

Finally, I want to give a massive thank you to discord user Forty_TM7. Without his massive wealth of knowledge on track modding and photo editing this project would not have been possible. I brought this idea to him with 0 knowledge of track modding and photo editing, and he said lets get on it and showed me EVERYTHING to do. Many nights were spent on discord troubleshooting and working. His help with this was invaluable and he should receive praise and thanks for this. Thank you Forty.



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