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Autodromo dell’Umbria – Magione V1.0


Autodromo dell’Umbria – Magione V1.0

A small but technical track in Italy, designed for cars so this makes it good for battles. The track is 2.5 km long with 11 corners.

Name in-game: Autodromo dell’Umbria – Magione V1.0


  • Real satellite grass texture, no repetitions
  • Realistic looking asphalt and tyre marks
  • Nice 3D grass
  • Wet textures
  • Timing board and lap counter
  • 3D start and pit lights
  • Tv screens on track
  • Environmental sound which gives a more realistic sound when a bike is far away (STILL IN TEST SO NOT PERFECT)


Special thanks to Javiliyors for helping me with the grass textures and environmental sound.

Cameras by Gzehoo

If there are a lot of complains, I will release a version without the environmental sound.


NOTE: This is a .pkz file, just drag and drop into your “tracks” folder.


Total downloads: 146

Magione V1.0 Mega link

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