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Barber Motorsport Park V1.0


Barber Motorsport Park V1.0

A fun track in Alabama, used mostly for the AMA superbikes and the Indycar.

Name in-game: Barber Motorsport Park V1.0


Special thanks to Javiliyors for helping me with various questions I have and Piboso for the game.

Cameras by Gzehoo

All in-game features should work, if not, please let me know on Discord!


NOTE: Unzip the track and drop it in your tracks folder

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Mod Instructions

Unzip "" and extract in your tracks folder


Barber Motorsport Park V1.0 Mega link

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I really wanted to like Barber, its a great track, but the surface isn’t really ridable and the Advertising Boards are really off putting being as bright as they are. Shame.


Whoa, this track had escaped my attention, but I love it. Flowing corners that go into each other, and commendably non-flat. A bit reminiscent of Nordschleife in miniature.
Very pretty too (much prettier than the screenshot leads you to believe).
Unfortunately, my machine struggles with the framerate in VR here and there. (I kind of wouldn’t want an uglier version anyway. Maybe Piboso will optimize rendering at some point. Otherwise I will get a faster computer eventually anyway)