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Buddh International Circuit


The Buddh International Circuit (Hindi: बुद्ध अंतरराष्ट्रीय परिपथ) is an Indian motor racing circuit situated in National Capital Region at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The track shares its name with Gautama Buddha, as does the district the track is located in.


Changelog from version 1.0b to 1.1 :

  • Eliminate and resurface annoying bump on some part of the circuit like on back straight, T12, T14 exit, entry T16, some sort of track edges between main tarmac and runoff area.
  • Flat curb (though the 3d model still shown the original one, only for visual).
  • Fix and replace asphalt texture.
  • Satellite grass texture.
  • Retuned 3D Grass.
  • Update the circuit layout.
  • Removed Motorcycle and short course layout, only GP layout (F1) available.
  • Live Screen.
  • Live timer.
  • Retuned shader.
  • Replaced skydome.
  • Some minor fixes and tuned in various area


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Mod Instructions

Copy the *.pkz file to your mods track folder



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