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August 18, 2023

The user profile options have been extended. It is now possible to add more social accounts which are being displayed on your profile, as well as change your website-wide “display name” that is being shown on posts and pages across the system.

More profile customization options might come very soon. We hope you enjoy those little features!

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Manu’s New Modern Rider Beta2


For all you noobies here, install this mod!!! haha

This mod is one of the very few rider model mods, and by far the most used one, the download comes with 2 models (Modern Type 1, Modern Type 2)
Modern type 1 is the alpinestar model, and with paints it can look for example like a REV’IT suit, Macna suit, you name them.
Modern type 2 is the dainese model, the reason this model is different is because the way the suit is made is different to any other.
As I said, it comes with 2 models, and numerous of riding styles, modern ones like Marquez, classic ones like Schwantz and many more.

Also, pretty much all paints made are for these models, because everyone in the community uses this model, it is kind of a must have shall I say.

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