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Introducing the MotoGP 2009 mod. The third year of the 800cc machines, and the first year of the unique tyre supplier Bridgestone. The mod aims to faithfully recreate the distinct handling characteristics of each bike and get as many details as possible such as main parameters and sounds. The mod is recommended for intermediate-advanced players; it is very different from most of the known mods, and it will not be very forgiving if you abuse it.

Immerse yourself in the true spirit of MotoGP 2009

The Mod includes the manufacturers Honda, Ducati, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki, with 11 teams in total:

– Repsol Honda Team
– San Carlo Honda Gresini
– Scot Racing Team
– LCR Honda
– Fiat Yamaha
– Tech3 Yamaha
– Rizla Suzuki
– Hayate Racing
– Ducati Marlboro Factory Team
– Pramac Racing
– Grupo Francisco Hernando (retired since US Grand Prix)

Useful bike information:
The satellite bike’s RPM was limited to 18200rpm to increase engine longevity. San Carlo Honda Gresini rider Toni Elias was given the factory bike.

Every bike has its own chassis parameters and characteristics.

Every bike has its own engine specifications with 3 engine maps to choose from: Mapping 1 being the standard and most powerful one to Mapping 3 being the least powerful.

All the bikes have the same ECU parameters.

All the bikes have the same gearing and gearbox physics. 4 gear ratios/gear are available from 1st to 5th gear and 2 are available for 6th gear.

The only difference between the suspensions of each bike is the diameter of the forks.

The bikes’s main geometry parameters should be accurate to their real counterparts.


The mod also includes all of the Helmets used in the season: (templates available)
– Airoh
– Arai (includes a model with a transparent visor)
– Nolan
– Shoei
– Shark
– Soumy
– Vemar
– X Lite

I want to thank Bunta Fujiwara and Adrmelandri who converted the suits and the Testers who helped with the development


Tyres info:

Soft A: Standard soft tyre. The softest carcass, ideal for lower temperatures and smooth tracks
Soft B: Variation of Soft A; Carcass is slightly harder, better for bumpy sections, ideal for lower temperatures

Medium A: Standard medium tyre. The carcass is harder; ideal for mid-temperatures. Better on bumpy sections than Softs tyres
Medium B: Variation of Medium A; Carcass is slightly harder, ideal for mid-high temperatures. Absorbs better bumps
Medium C: Hardest Carcass. Ideal for mid-high temperatures; Absorbs better bumps




Total downloads: 2206

bike set v0.8
bike set v0.8

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