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MotoGP 23 MOD v1.2


The most powerful, modern and technologically advanced motorcycles are now at your disposal for GP Bikes! You will feel like a real MotoGP rider. Enjoy these prototypes with realistic physics in the ultimate motorcycle simulator.

Includes all liveries and 3d models of the 2023 MotoGP season.

Thanks to Bunta fujiwara (文太藤原) for making the extra skins

Michelin MotoGP Tyres Info:

Pressures & Temperatures:

Soft Front: 2.00 bar / 92º C
Soft Rear: 1.80 bar / 112º C

Medium Front: 2.00 bar / 100º C
Medium Rear: 1.80 bar / 120º C

Hard Front: 2.00 bar / 107º C
Hard Rear: 1.80 bar / 127º C
Engines Info: 4 engine maps available with different power deliveries:

Mapping 1 : High Power – High Fuel & Tyres Consumption – Recommended for Qualifying

Mapping 2 : Mid-High Power – Mid-High Fuel & Tyres Consumption – Recommended for First Race Part

Mapping 3 : Mid Power – Mid Fuel & Tyres Consumption – Recommended for Second Race Part

Mapping 4 : Low Power – Low Fuel & Tyres Consumption – Recommended for Rain

Mod Instructions

READ BEFORE: Download only one of the three versions (4K, 2K or LITE)
(Choose according to your PC performance)

To Install MOD:
Extract content to "**Documents\PiBoSo\GP Bikes\mods


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