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NOLA Motorsports Park v1.0


NOLA Motorsports Park was designed by Alan Wilson, whose other designs include Utah Motorsports Campus and Barber Motorsports Park. As the facility gained in popularity, the plans changed, with a greater reliance on selling day passes for non-members, hosting business conferences and eventually hosting racing.  AMA motorcycles and Formula Ford were first to arrive and then in 2015 its biggest event, the IndyCar Grand Prix of Louisiana. Sadly, this proved to be a one-off.

The circuit currently counts the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association’s NOLA SpeedTour as its major event, featuring vintage racing, Formula Vee, Formula Regional Americas, F4 US Championship and a Mazda Miata Heritage Cup Series Race.

The circuit has a length of 4.423KM and 17 corners. At the moment, only the “A Course” layout is available.


In-game Name:

NOLA Motorsports Park v1.0




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NOLA Motorsports Park v1.0
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