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Rider Template v1.5



Rider Template v1.5 contains both 3D and 2D Templates to paint the rider suit. To use in GP-Bikes, it requires Manu’s Modern Rider Mod.



  • Rider Type 1 3D Obj & Alpinestars Template
  • Rider Type 2 3D Obj & Dainese Template

Templates created from scratch. 3D models from Milestone’s MotoGP Videogame.


How to pack a pnt file,

  1. Put the rider.tga, rider_n.tga, rider_r.tga, boots.tga, boots_n.tga & boots_r.tga files in one folder.
  2. Open PaintEd, select the folder that contains mentioned files, and save as .pnt file.



  • Rider.tga & Boots.tga : Suit and Boots liveries
  • Rider_n.tga & Boots_n.tga : Suit and Boots normal textures for details. The alpha layer adjusts the shininess of the textures.
  • Rider_r.tga & Boots_r.tga : Suit and Boots reflection textures for reflection. See the alpha layer to understand which parts will have reflection.


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Rider Template v1.5

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