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Additional Rider Models



Additional Rider Models adds a few rider models that are not included in the original Manu’s Modern Rider Mod.

This rider pack requires and will only work if Manu’s Modern Rider Mod is installed.



  • Supermoto (in-game: New Modern SM)
  • Female (in-game: New Modern F)
  • Modern Casual (in-game: New Modern Casual)



  • Female: Same as the Modern Rider 1 & Modern Rider 2
  • Supermoto
    • Suit.tga for suit livery
    • Suit_n.tga for suit normal texture
    • Suit_r.tga for reflection texture
    • Boots naming is the same as Modern Rider 1 & Modern Rider 2
  • Modern Casual
    • Outfit.tga for the whole outfit texture
    • Outfit_n.tga for the whole outfit normal texture
    • Outfit_r.tga for the whole outfit reflection texture
    • Arms.tga for arms texture
    • Arms_n.tga for arms normal texture
    • Arms_r.tga for arms reflection texture



  • Modern Casual
    • Template: Both 2D PSD & 3D
    • Texture Resource: Combine stuff to make your own suit from existing textures
  • Supermoto
    • Template: Both 2D PSD & 3D


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Mod Instructions

To install just simply copy the rider folder into the mods folder. If asked to overwrite, click yes.


Total downloads: 629

Additional Rider Models.rar
Modern Casual Template
Supermoto Template

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