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ADRag Track Arena



A more than 1.0 KM dragstrip for people to have fun. Test speed max, training start, whatever you like. Might look unfinished but I can update it later.





In-Game Name: ADRag Track Arena v1.0

At this moment, this Dragstrip works as a race track, where you have to complete the lap to see the lap time.

If you want to do a lap time: after you reach the 1250 M/1.25 KM, do a U-Turn, then when you reach the end of the straight/where the start is located, turn left first and do another U-Turn, pass where “pit lane” is located/where your bike spawns, and go to the start again to complete the lap.

If you just want to have fun, doing speed test, wheelies, etc, just ignore the instructions above.



  • Copy the .pkz file and paste it into mods/tracks. No need to extract or anything.



  • Codemasters – F1 Games Series, for miscellaneous objects
  • Kunos Simulazioni – Assetto Corsa, for miscellaneous objects
  • Milestone – MotoGP games series, RIDE game series, for miscellaneous objects


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If you found a bug or have any suggestions feel free to report them in my Discord!


My official Discord, ADR Master Server

Official Websites, Adrmeisterwerk

Official Youtube Channel, Adrmeisterwerk

Mod Instructions

Copy the pkz file and paste it into mods\tracks. No need to extract or anything.


Total downloads: 232

MEGA | ADRM - ADRag Track
Mediafire | ADRM - ADRag Track

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