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Autodrom Most v1.0c



Autodrom Most is a hard-surfaced 4.212 km (2.617 mi) long race track for motorsport outside of the city of Most in the northwest of the Czech Republic. The racing circuit was built between 1978 and 1983, but the Most district was known for organizing motorcycle and car races earlier. Autodrom Most has 21 turns and two layouts, a Full layout with a length of 4.212 km and No Chicane layout with a length of 4.163 km.


In-game Name:

Autodrom Most v1.0c
Autodrom Most v1.0c – No Chicane



3D Start & Pit Lights
3D Grass
Terrain Textures
Gzehoo‘s TV Cameras
Rain Textures
Working Timing


14/01/23 v1.0c Changelog:

Smoothened asphalt in T1
Added checkpoints in a few areas
Clear Sky & Ambience by PeK



  • Gzehoo for TV Cameras
  • PeK for the Ambience & Clear Sky


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Autodrom Most v1.0c

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