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August 18, 2023

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M2 2018 B21


Updated BIKE CATEGORY: M2 ’18 B21


– New Engine:

> Reduced Power to Moto2 Honda Levels
> Amended Inertia to Match CBR600rr Inertias
> Amended Engine braking to be less harsh

– New Shifting Simulation:

> Amended shift times
> Amended Blip Behavior
> Reduced Rear Lock ups

– New Clutch Settings:

> Altered the Slipper Clutch Behavior – Hopefully making it more smooth on Corner Entry

– New Suspension Values

> Amended damping values – Rebound damping now behaves as it should and settles the bike – Bump damping has been slowed down for balancing as well

– New Virtual Rider Values

> Amended The virtual rider to (Hopefully) smooth out some aspects of the steering
> Amended the virtual rider to (Hopefully) slow down some aspects of the steering

– New Tyre Simulation

> Amended Lean angles
> Changed Inertias to match Calculations
> Individually Altered Spring Rates of the tyres
> Individually Altered Damping Rates
> Altered the Drainage of the Wet Tyres to give More realistic Water Dispersion

–  New Chassis Simulation

> Altered chassis stiffness’ values
> Altered Chassis and Part Weights, more reflecting of the real world counterparts
> Changed Inertias to match Calculations

– B21 Updates

>Β Changed Suspension Damper Values
> Changed Virtual Rider Values
> Changed the Shifting Simulation
> Changed the EB Simulation
> Changed the tyre textures (Courtesy of TomHWK)

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