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August 18, 2023

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Monza v1.7


Monza is a 5.7km (3.5 miles) circuit located in the northwest part of Italy. Its a fairly flat track that has been host to a myriad of racing. From the most popular F1 all the way to something like WSBK, Monza has seen it all. Built in 1922, Monza of then is much different than what we know it to be today. It used to be an oval with an outfield style track. Now only a small portion of that old track remains, the start finish straight. The last time that WSBK was there was supposed to be in 2016, however it was cancelled and they have not returned since then.


This track is the culmination of about 2 and a half weeks of work to get this track to work. I did not do this myself, but have had a ton of help along the way from many other much smarter people than me. Without their invaluable help this may never have happened. Special thanks to the following people for their help with makign this track happen.

  • dOcToRMoNsTeR – The idea maker behind this project
  • Javi – Taught me how to fix textures and rendering issues
  • Onearmedbandit – Helped me to fix timing and the grass texture
  • Keithy Lemon – Play testing
  • Joel – Play testing
  • Smuggy – Play testing
  • Tavella – Play testing

Hopefully you all enjoy playing on this track as much as I have enjoyed making it for you all to play on.


Track Trailer 


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