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REALITY RESHADE + motion blur | Complete Package V1.0



I’m always tinkering with the most real looking re-shade preset anyway so I might as well share it with the public.

This is not perfect, since GPB has lots of limitations such as a simple lighting engine and variable quality of track colours.
But I did a lot of side-by-side comparison with IRL pictures to match GPB to what it looks like from the angles, we see
infront of the screen – using MotoGP as a reference.

The highlight is motion blur though.

This mod includes:
– Reshade 4.9.1 installer
– 2 Reshade Presets (“everything is fine” + “everything is fine DOF” <– strictly for screenshots!)
– additional effects added by me for the currently best possible form of MOTION BLUR in GP-Bikes.
There’s one screenshot, showing it off. It looks bad on the screenshot, but since you don’t look at the outer edges
of the screen while riding, you only see the “good part” of that motion blur effect. I fiddled with it enough to make
it “as best as can be” within the boundaries of reshade. Feel free to contact me on the unofficial Discord if you think
you found a better setup.

After installation (tutorial here: ) I recommend making a dedicated folder for your presets so you keep it as tidy as possible.

IMPORTANT: Do not update Reshade. Stick to 4.9.1 otherwise the Depth-Of-Field (blur) effect for screenshots will not work. If you already had another version of Reshade installed, please correctly uninstall it first! 

If you need support, ping me in the unofficial Discord for help!
Have fun!

Mod Instructions

Refer to the README file for installation instructions.
Or the YouTube-video!


Total downloads: 233


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