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Sydney Motorsport Park v1.1



Sydney Motorsport Park (known until May 2012 as Eastern Creek International Raceway) is a motorsport circuit located on Brabham Drive, Eastern Creek (40-kilometres west of the Sydney CBD), New South Wales, Australia, adjacent to the Western Sydney International Dragway. It was built and is owned by the New South Wales Government and is operated by the Australian Racing Drivers Club. The circuit is one of only two permanent tracks in Australia with an FIA Grade 2 license and is licensed for both cars and motorcycles.

In early 2011, the circuit received funding for an upgrade. The upgrade reconfigured the circuit into four layouts, the main layout known as Gardner Grand Prix Circuit with a length of 3.910 km, Brabham Extended Circuit with a length of 4.500 km, Druitt North Circuit with a length of 2.800 km, and Amaroo South Circuit with a length of 1.800 km.


In-game Name:

Sydney Motorsport Park v1.1

Available Layout

  • Sydney Motorsport Park – Amaroo
  • Sydney Motorsport Park – Brabham
  • Sydney Motorsport Park – Druitt



  • 3D Start & Pit Lights
  • 3D Grass
  • Bestline
  • Rain Textures




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