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TT Assen V2


TT Assen V2

The TT Assen Circuit (or Circuit van Drenthe as it was originally known) is a mecca for motorcycle racing, as important for the two-wheeled brigade as Indianapolis, Le Mans or Monaco is to those on four wheels. Winning here is an achievement that racers treasure above almost all others. Transitioning from a classic road course into a fully permanent motorsport venue, the circuit has undergone huge changes from the 1980s onwards.  This has helped secure its future as the venue for the annual Dutch TT, which remains a round of the MotoGP World Championships, as well as a World Superbikes round.

Name in-game: Assen TT Circuit v2

Special thanks to Javiliyors for helping me withtextures and conversion from 

NOTE: The track contains soundfiles to create a more lively atmosphere. If you do not want these sounds, delete the .wav files and the “TT_Assen_v2.ssc” file in the track folder. Deleting these files will not corrupt or mismatch your track in any way.

NOTE 2: I finally got my lazy ass (wasn’t actually lazy, just didn’t want to spend time on a track for a game that I didn’t play…) of the couch and resumed the track which I started in 2022. It took 2 years to make but surely doesn’t look like a 2-year project. Just hope that the completion of this project will increase my interests for gpb again and that I will find the joy of modding again in the future.



Total downloads: 680

TT_ASSEN_V2 Mega link

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