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WSSP 2018


Hey everyone!
Below you can find the download link to the ‘WSSP ’18’ bikes, in the download file you find several things;
4 bikes, (Honda – Kawasaki – MV Agusta –  Yamaha), 2 bike stands and the tyres used for this mod.
Just drag the ‘gpbikes’ folder into your directory and all the folders will automatically sort our themselves.

This bike is a ‘World SuperSport 600′ mod, once again it is not made by me, but by Julian113.
The mod is a bit outdated (it hasn’t been updated in a while to match new betas’ physics) but it’s definitely still a fun mod!

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WSSP '18 mega link

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look! im on tv!


Remove this mod! This bikeset is complete crap!

GP Bikes is about true realism, not an arcade physics which is too easy to learn!

As long as Julien113 won’t update them to be more realistic, these bikes should never be used! Especially now when you have a lot of other more realistic and more enjoyable mods!


Hi, this is just your personal point of view “WSSP2018”

600cc bikes are just easier to ride than other bikes… I find that quite logical.

 We’ll see once the mod is updated, if there is a big difference.

Last edited 7 months ago by 74med

It’s not my point of view. It’s community point of view.
They hate this bikeset because it’s too easy, it has too much arcade physics (not updated), and they expect even the smallest bikes to be damnely difficult, just to learn everyone what is simulator.

You’re not gonna tell me they now realized that at least one bikeset could keep their physics, at least for whichever noobs to let them know that GPB is still friendly even for total noob, right?

And my point of view is simple:

Easy bikes are for difficult tracks.
Easy tracks are for difficult bikes.

Last edited 7 months ago by Gzehoo

Mate you realize some people come from arcade games and just want an easier transition right? Not all people want to suffer 24/7.

If you don’t like this mod then simply don’t play it, how hard is that?

Resolute Kraken

Salad spitt’n facts. Raise your hand if you can hear me.


I liked this mod! I even still love it!!!
You think why I made something like this long time ago? –>

And why I really wanted to back with that?

Because I really believed I could help these people who

come from arcade games and just want an easier transition

But… the life already proved me that helping these “amateur” riders doesn’t have any sense when you’re the only one…


No need to be rude. Don’t use them if you don’t like them.

Did I write I don’t like them?
Read more my comments before replying.


Well, your top comment start with “remove this mod. This bikeset is complete crap”. I’ll take that as you don’t like it..

Last edited 6 months ago by Hocke

So… why I’m using MV Agusta from WSSP 2018 in my videos on YouTube THE MOST OFTEN?!?!?

Last edited 6 months ago by Gzehoo

Ah, so your original comment was sarcasm then?


These bikes are the best bikes to start racing with. Great feeling, DTC, great feeling and high rev engines makes the fun.


I see that you were trying to “teach” me something, without even reading my next comments, so let me explain one thing:

I’m playing GP Bikes almost 10 years. I bought this game one month after Beta 1 release when I was looking for whichever game that I would call “motorcycle rFactor/LFS/whichever-other-professional-car-sim”, because I just wanted whichever motorcycle game that is not only good sim, but also would give me a lot of new content (tracks, bikes).

And I really got it while playing GPB during next betas.
No matter about these game version updates (next betas), I really wanted whichever bikeset that would motivate me to keep playing GP Bikes. Mainly because I couldn’t find any stable and easy-to-ride bike from whichever mod.
And when I almost felt really depressed and lost any hope for whichever easy mod, Julien113 released his WSSP 2018.

After that, I really hoped that using this bikeset I could do any little thing for some new riders that couldn’t feel good while playing this game. When I really got any possibility to make whichever championship with WSSP 2018 like this:
I just hoped I really can help some of these users who are joining GPB and need whichever easy to learn bikes.

It wasn’t my “mission”. It could be something like “dream” – I could do something for other riders like me, who needed something easier because they are beginners and they need to learn this game. Without any easy mod based on middle class like WSSP, they would think this game is only for professionals.

But after my last championship try, I realized I’m the only rider who enjoys this mod.
I really wanted to create whichever championship season in GPB using this (or any other easy-to-ride) mod and some non-standard tracks, because this is the most positive thing about WSSP 2018 – you can use these bikes for every track.
I just tried to be a little bit creative, but it failed.

And now, you gave me a lot of thumbs down just because I wrote about this mod the same thing everyone tried to say 2 years ago. Because they really need something realistic. And everyone expected to use more difficult mod in any championship – even if they are not starting.

And now… what happened? Everyone just realized that one bikeset with more arcade physics is very friendly for beginners? Now there are more and more GPB beginners who enjoy this mod because it’s easy to learn?

And again – I STILL LOVE WSSP 2018!!!
But am I really no longer the only one?

Last edited 7 months ago by Gzehoo