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Additional Leg Wave Animation



Additional Leg Wave Animation adds a few new leg wave styles. Please note that this is only a custom leg wave animation, you’ll need the Manu’s Modern Rider Mod.

This animation pack will only work if Manu’s Modern Rider Mod is installed.




  • Leg Wave 1
  • Leg Wave 2
  • Leg Wave 3
  • Leg Wave 4



  1. Open your selection of leg wave style folder, you should find “dangling_left.anm” & “dangling_right.anm”
  2. Copy the two files, “dangling_left.anm” & “dangling_right.anm”
  3. Paste the files into one of the rider animations folders in the DocumentsPiBoSoGP Bikesmodsrideranimations
    1. There should be folders called Dovizioso, Lorenzo, Marquez, Rossi, Style 1, Style 2, etc.
    2. For example, if you like to use Marquez style, then copy the two leg wave files and paste them into Marquez folder (rideranimationsMarquez).
    3. Please note that the suffix “No Leg” means no leg wave/leg dangle, so if you paste them into one of those folders, the leg wave animation may not work.
  4. This animation will overwrite the existing leg wave animation files, so please backup before replacing.



  • BarAkbar, for the help and knowledge


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Mod Instructions

Read the "readme" file inside to proceed with how to install or read the post above.


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Additional Leg Wave Animation v1

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