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Big thanks to @GreenLenux for this awesome teaser video!

please read
What is it?
The 3D Viewer makes it possible for content creators to easily access models that we use in the game (and I have access to) and preview them almost instantly, without the need to pack a new PNT and reload in game each time.

What does it offer?
At the time of this release the viewer is currently equipped with these models:

Alta MX 2015
GasGas EC 2015
GasGas EC 2015 2t
Honda CRF 2020
Honda CRF 2022
Husaberg FE 2014
Husqvarna FC 2022
Husqvarna TC 2022
Suzuki RMZ 2022
TM MX 2021
Yamaha YZF 2022
Yamaha YZ 2015
2021 Bell Moto 10 Spherical
Clothes on ground
Jersey hanging
Jersey on hanger
Pants hanging
Pants on hanger
Pose 1
Pose 2
Pose 3

The above list will be extended from time to time, there’s no need for you to update the app in that case besides actual software updates, but the app will tell you then.

But what’s up with the name?
Yeah, I say it here it’s “iNsane’s 3D Viewer” but in reality it’s “dmkrtz3DViewer”, short answer:
Rebuilding the whole app with a different name would mean some code changes and I don’t want to risk messing up all the code I’ve written for such a small change. “dmkrtz” is my ‘serious’ name I’m embossing the tool with, but call it whatever.

How to use

How to by @GreenLenux

In text

Download the app and run it. Normally, if everything works, the app should tell you that a runtime must be installed, and eventually, it installs it automatically.

If the app doesn’t do anything after clicking OK, please download and run this manually.

Once everything is working, you should see this window. Congratulations, you made it!
I made it pretty self explaining I think, if not, please watch the trailer from GreenLenux on top to see how he handles and is using the viewer.

Very important
All textures must be loaded as PNG (jpg could work, not sure).
Normal maps are being inverted upon loading, this step takes some time but there was no other way to make it work.
So that being said, it uses the same “wrong” normal map that MX Bikes needs.

Premium features
As I already mentioned couple times on Instagram and my Discord, this app comes with some premium features.
The premium license unlocks:
Background image
Environment image
Normal maps
Texture shortcuts

Unlocking premium needs a donation of atleast 5€. If you find a bug and outplay the system I made, I greatly take the donation. Because otherwise the app wouldn’t unlock itself. In case you made a successful donation of atleast 5€ and it doesn’t unlock itself, feel free to hit me up here or on my Discord and I unlock your license manually (when I’m awake).

I need your ID in order to know who to unlock if the tool didn’t automatically. Please click to copy your ID and paste that into the donation note!!!

Known bugs
– Sometimes models may not load. There’s two ways to reset: soft reload button on bottom right, and hard app-reset button on top left.
– The donation system might fail if not from EU (especially Australia), or when your currency is different to mine.
– Probably some other weird stuff I don’t remember

Thanks to all my testers, donators, helpers and friends who joined me on this journey of a really cool project I really enjoyed.
A lot of sweat, time and money was spent during the development of this app and I really hope it’s helpful for the community.
It might be “useless” for some – but that’s fine. IF you do and know better, I’m happy for you! But others will definitely find this thing very useful.
Also a big thanks in advance for anyone who donates for the app!

– insane


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3D Viewer

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